The Truth

A crowd of lively people

Sitting at the corner is a girl so simple

With face void of emotions

Expression that full of caution.

Yet inside of her is screaming with joy

The crowd misunderstood her actions as annoyed

But the truth is her heart are bursting to tears

Tears of joy because of friendship that is so sincere


I’m Here


Sitting on a chair in a bright blue endless sky

Staring at you lovingly, a feeling I can’t deny

Yet feelings will never be reciprocated

Coz’ your heart is already taken

 by someone who’s not worth it.

Inside of me, I love you

But I can’t dare to tell you

Not just even show you

But the truth is, I want to be with you.

You are sometimes stupid, sometimes crazy

But the sure thing is, you make me happy

If only you can feel the hidden affections inside of me

If only you can hear my song and words that speaks truthfully.

But having you will always be impossible

A fantasy that can’t possibly be a reality

Writing a poem for you might be plausible

But it will never be a reason for you to notice me


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I was silent throughout the day

Like the air that only breezes

Never seeks nor touches

Is what I always do

Living just one simple step

Breeze, I always seek

Living so simple

That no one could disturb


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Scar of Rejection


Neither just an ordinary love story

Nor an undying fantasy

Neither a mere daydreaming

Nor a fake star shining

The time that runs fast

Wishing every moment last

How I wish I could always utter

That you are my best thing ever

You tell me to hold on tight

Because forever you’ll be my light

I hate carving conclusions but

What you left is a scar of rejection


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Remembering You


Wow! It’s been so long already. I’ve been AWOL for a month and half now due to my University projects. I really miss writing so here it is….

Sitting all alone

Under the warmth of the sunlight

Whispers in the breeze

You make everything right

Reminiscing the days

That flew so fast

Wishing you were here to stay

The boy of my forgotten past


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It’s very unexpected that I’ll fall in love with you

It’s very unexpected that my heart beats for you

There are many reasons not to be in love with you but…

Unfortunately,  there are many reasons to stay in love with you.

At first, you were just an unknown creature in my life

You were just an ordinary person and nothing more

but unexpectedly, the stupid cutie little cupid get his

bow and arrow and stroke it on my stupid heart then

my stupid heart starts beating for


Unexpectedly, it’s you and me and because it’s unexpected..

we can never tell that unexpectedly it will

reach the breaking up of you and me

but hoping for you and me will be forever



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When I Feel Alone….


When I hear your name

It brightens up my day

I only hope you’d stay with me

and never go away

Every time I feel alone

There’s one thing that I do

to stop me from feeling so blue

and that’s thinking of you!

But there’s something you do

that my heart breaks through

And that’s you love somebody new

‘Coz they said and I thought

that I hurt you

but I’m sorry I didn’t mean to

And today I realized

Its hard for me to see you

with somebody and your happy

because now I realized that

I started loving you

~Luna Shea

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Learning Insights: History of Internet


               I have always wondered how the internet came into being. How such phenomenal invention came into conception and became the cream of the crop at the current generation. As far as it is turned out to be, I have learned considerable things that I ought to express.

                It started in 1957 when there was a problem at batch processing and manual programming. There was also a problem with the release of the German Satellite Sputnik I that became a catalyst for America’s DARPA- Defence Advance Research Project Agency (a terminology I just learned about) to make its move to secure technological advancement. They conceived a large scale computer network named ARPANET. It is a collective collaboration of 3 major sectors namely : RAND Corp.(U.S Military Network), NPC (National Physics Lab in England), and CYCLADS (Scientific Network in France) which later become the foundations of modern internet. It is ran by an IMP (Interface Message Processor) and has 2 network working groups namely NCP (Network Control Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). After many happenings, it evolved and on February 28, 1990 ARPANET was shut down but the internet was up and cunning.

                The internet is indefinitely a vital tool that assists us on a daily basis. Knowing how it came into being makes us aware of its relevance and capabilities today and the coming days.


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Learning Insights: BBC’s History of Computers


             We all know that Computers are very rampant nowadays. We need to go back to the past to know how this giant technology became useful in our daily lives. Where did computer started? How and why did it expand and develop? What effects did these changes do to our world?


              BBC docu-film about history of computers composes of 9 clips. I admit that it is really boring because of the black and white theme yet it doesn’t stop me in learning new things about computers. BBC made a very detailed history of computers and I’m going to share what I learned from it.

            As I was researching in google after I watched the clips, I learned that the first computers were people. Computer was originally a job title: it used to describe people where whose job is to perform repetitive calculations required to compute. I just find it intriguing how the said “job title” evolved into electronic machines.


            Way back in World War II, the world’s first electronic, digital, programmable computer is called Colossus. They used it to decode the German’s messages back then. Colossus or ENIAC was highly a top secret even after the war. As what I understand, the complete version of Colossus is the ENIAC which is the first electronic general-purpose computer and the invention who helped the British decipher the German’s code. It was made by Alan Turing. He bears the title of “Father of the contemporary personal computer”. I was already amazed of Alan Turing when I first heard of him in my Sociology class and how he cracked the Nazi Enigma Code.

            It was the company Remington Rand Univac who first made the contract for computers. They made the UNIVAC I (UNIversal Automatic Computer I) and became the first commercial computer produced in U.S. In U.K, it was the company J. Lyons and Co. produce the first computer used for commercial business called LEO I (Lyons Electronic Office I). In 1974, MITS (Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems) designed the first microcomputer called Altair 8800. In 1976, the Apple Inc. released Apple Computer 1 (now Apple-1). In 1981, IBM introduced IBM Personal Computer or IBM PC.

            Computers really have a big impact in our society back then and now since it makes our task easier and it conserves our time. It helps people to do things no one can imagine. Computers are even a stepping stone in winning a war. It’s scary but it was how our world works as a year passes by. It’s really shocking how fast the industrialization is. Modernized world do wonder things in today’s society. We all have many high Technologies or upgraded computers nowadays. Before the computers considered as number but now we view it as our multitasking machines.

            But as this technology evolve and develop, raised a lot of consequences. Now, people lived in much more complex lives where they engage themselves into things not so much needed. This generation focuses more on enhancing technologies, investing more and more development of such technology thus forgetting about what is essential. The focus given to modernize technology left our simple ways of living to wanting more advancement and easy life which made us lazy and destroy our world. Industrialization is so fast and dominated this world and it’s by the same speed that we have destroyed ourselves and our home.

         To end this insight, I really do admire those persons who created and developed computers. They are pure genius.


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Learning Insights: IBM Centennial Presentation


          “To visualize the future of IBM, you must know something about the past.” A quote from Thomas J. Watson Sr (ex-Chairman of IBM)

                IBM, International Business Machines, is the largest computer company in the world. As I watched the clip, I learned that this company contributed so much in our world especially on technology. It plays an important role in transforming business, science, and society for a century now. I am amazed on how they could do or change our world since before.

                They may not make computers anymore but they are still in demand. There are still softwares and systems running on Mainframe (large commercial) computers that they still maintain such as TSO, IBM/MVS,etc.

I learned some ideas that helped build IBM:

  • Have respect for the individual
  • Pursue all task with a great idea
  • Give a best service of any company around the world

            So basically, “THINK” is one unifying thread that connects all IBM. Thinking about values, about the needs of the customers, and trust at levels deeper and ahead of others. IBM is really a special company and ideal work place to work with.

              “For IBMers, long-term thinking means continually moving to the future,” said by the current Chairman of the Board and CEO of IBM Samuel J. Palmisano. It’s the key lesson of IBM over 100 years. No wonder they are still successful since then, now, and counting.

             IBM is really a great company. Being a centennial company is what makes it more special and inspiring. It tells us that running a big business is possible in over a century and still makes it more progressive and still be on the top.


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