Fallacy of Chemistry


At first you were like Beryllium

A toxic dust in my life that makes me doom

Your face always made me ill

But you kept on annoying me still.

You always said that your intention is like Nitrogen,

Bland, clear, and genuine

Yet I see you as Boron,

Heart so black, hard and looks like a moron.

As day passes by, you seemed to glow

Like Neon that gave me light, I know

All of you burn as Sodium with yellow flame

Hopefully, you don’t treat this like a game.

Our relationship was so strong like Aluminum it’s called

All of our friends were appalled

We always stand and walk our problems,

There’s Calcium in our relationship, I proclaimed.

But all things comes to an end

Like Ununoctium in a periodic table of element

Our Magnesium feelings that flashes in light

Was now gone and had lost its bright.

You’re now a Flourine to me

Very bad for my health apparently

Those elemental relationships we had are all fallacy

I now realized, we never had a Chemistry  


©owner of the photo


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