Learning Insights: The Pirates of the Silicon Valley


               The biggest success comes from every small step.” We all know that in today’s generation we only have the best, which means all or nothing. Simply because life is now easier for us considering our modern technology. 

                     Before technology expanded, went deeper, and became a need in our everyday lives, we had a simple way of living: farming, fishing, carpentry, and many more. Now that we came to see and realize the modern reality, came the magic of technology. This made our lives easier. Machines were built for farming, fishing, and carpentry to be made easier. But the most important discovery and inventions were technologies used for networking and communication. Two of which are APPLE AND MICROSOFT.


                         The Pirates of the Silicon Valley tells about how Apple and Microsoft came to be today’s technological giants. It started when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak came into an idea to create a computer for everyone to use thus naming their company Apple. They don’t have any ideas how to start their big project so they went to other company to steal some ideas.  Apple became a big hit because of their invention that time. Then here comes two talented people Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer who wanted to make a company of their own (Microsoft). They partnered up with Steve Jobs. Little did Jobs and Wozniak know that Gates and Ballmer were planning to steal the Apple’s Operating System. Bill Gates is really a good liar since he convinced Steve Jobs that their intention is genuine. I remembered the actor that portrayed Bill Gates said and I quote, “Make your friends close and enemies closer.” Of course, Steve Jobs realized that Bill Gates developed Windows from software Apple had designed for their computers. The movie shows not only the development of these two computer companies, but also the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.


                      This film is a wonderful illustration of modern day entrepreneurs and gives us an inside look at the management style of both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I remembered a quote from a well-known artist Pablo Picasso that, “Good artist copy, Great artist steal.” They can totally relate on that quote.

                       It still amazed me how Apple and Microsoft are now considered the technological giants of the world that started with such small steps. Apple which is now famous for its Mac PC’s and iPhone’s and Microsoft which is famous for its software, contributes a wide range of help to people by means of their work, education, and many more.  The film is really inspiring since it shows the men behind the machines, a story that shouldn’t be missed.


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