Learning Insights: Brief History of Computers


           Computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically (source: Wikipedia). Computers are very rampant nowadays. All ages know how to use it and even own one. We watched a short video about history of computers in my Computer class and learned several facts about it.

         Around 300 BC, the Abacus used pebbles for addition and subtraction in Babylon. In 1930’s, the first computer invented to use the yes or no principle was called Z Computer. Then the Mark 1 was invented during WW 1 for ballistic calculations. In 1951, UNIVAC was invented. IBM entered the scene in 1953, they made a computer called 701 then improvised into 704. Because of IBM’s 704, programmers create the first easy programming language called FORTRAN. In 1960, IBM released the world’s fastest computer.

                In 1980’s is the beginning of where modern computer starts to take place. In 1981, IBM released the IBM PC. The company Xerox made the XEROX Star 8010 that featured a Graphical User Interface in year 1980. Steve Job then founded Apple Computers, Inc. Steve Job visited Xerox and saw their GUI system. A  Xerox scientist who made the GUI gave the GUI he developed to Steve Jobs thus the released of Lisa in 1983. Apple then released Macintosh. Then here comes Bill Gate, who founded Microsoft.  Microsoft released Windows 1.0 in 1985. In 1987, they released Windows 2.0. Apple then released iMac. In 2001, things have changed when Apple release the Mac OSXMac OSX. It was Apple’s most powerful system. The Windows XP was released also on the same year. In 2007, Microsoft released Windows Vista then Windows 7 in 2009.

                As I watched the given video, I can really tell that computer technology increased more in last 5 years than in last 100 years. Because of this advances, we can now do things easier. Salute to the inventors who contributed making such phenomenal machine!


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