Learning Insights: History of Internet


               I have always wondered how the internet came into being. How such phenomenal invention came into conception and became the cream of the crop at the current generation. As far as it is turned out to be, I have learned considerable things that I ought to express.

                It started in 1957 when there was a problem at batch processing and manual programming. There was also a problem with the release of the German Satellite Sputnik I that became a catalyst for America’s DARPA- Defence Advance Research Project Agency (a terminology I just learned about) to make its move to secure technological advancement. They conceived a large scale computer network named ARPANET. It is a collective collaboration of 3 major sectors namely : RAND Corp.(U.S Military Network), NPC (National Physics Lab in England), and CYCLADS (Scientific Network in France) which later become the foundations of modern internet. It is ran by an IMP (Interface Message Processor) and has 2 network working groups namely NCP (Network Control Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). After many happenings, it evolved and on February 28, 1990 ARPANET was shut down but the internet was up and cunning.

                The internet is indefinitely a vital tool that assists us on a daily basis. Knowing how it came into being makes us aware of its relevance and capabilities today and the coming days.


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4 thoughts on “Learning Insights: History of Internet

  1. The first Internet made was not to be used by general public, it was meant for specific organization.
    Did you know? The first Internet browser was mosaic.
    That’s cool, it’s just like a revision to my IT subject, that’s why I am being so preachy… Sorry. 😂


    • haha I already know those facts. This is actually for my computer project (and yeah, its a must to post it in a blog) and we have specific guide questions to follow. And its actually impressive that you’re being preachy. It only shows that you really are a well-educated person.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 😁😁 maybe, but I don’t like to pretend it! Or maybe I am not, who knows, you-know-who knows! Vol-sorry- who must not be named…
        That’s really interesting, WordPress for computer projects…


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