Learning Insights: IBM Centennial Presentation


          “To visualize the future of IBM, you must know something about the past.” A quote from Thomas J. Watson Sr (ex-Chairman of IBM)

                IBM, International Business Machines, is the largest computer company in the world. As I watched the clip, I learned that this company contributed so much in our world especially on technology. It plays an important role in transforming business, science, and society for a century now. I am amazed on how they could do or change our world since before.

                They may not make computers anymore but they are still in demand. There are still softwares and systems running on Mainframe (large commercial) computers that they still maintain such as TSO, IBM/MVS,etc.

I learned some ideas that helped build IBM:

  • Have respect for the individual
  • Pursue all task with a great idea
  • Give a best service of any company around the world

            So basically, “THINK” is one unifying thread that connects all IBM. Thinking about values, about the needs of the customers, and trust at levels deeper and ahead of others. IBM is really a special company and ideal work place to work with.

              “For IBMers, long-term thinking means continually moving to the future,” said by the current Chairman of the Board and CEO of IBM Samuel J. Palmisano. It’s the key lesson of IBM over 100 years. No wonder they are still successful since then, now, and counting.

             IBM is really a great company. Being a centennial company is what makes it more special and inspiring. It tells us that running a big business is possible in over a century and still makes it more progressive and still be on the top.


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