The Whisper anime

The wind is whispering on my ear

A reality that I don’t want to hear

With this heart that can’t bear

Every pain and despair

How can stars shine at night?

When there’s a feeling I can’t fight

How can birds reach the sky?

When even I can’t try?

We sometimes froze in a cold air

We dreamt on something that we fear

Where our eyes left an evident tear

To a soul that’s hard to repair

How I wish to finally come out in a maze

This life seems a labyrinthine race

How I wish to finally feel the ease

And to endure a life of peace

The wind is whispering on my ear

A reality that takes away my burden

Where the only thing left was stain

Out of the shadow of death and pain


©owner of the photo


When I Feel Alone….


When I hear your name

It brightens up my day

I only hope you’d stay with me

and never go away

Every time I feel alone

There’s one thing that I do

to stop me from feeling so blue

and that’s thinking of you!

But there’s something you do

that my heart breaks through

And that’s you love somebody new

‘Coz they said and I thought

that I hurt you

but I’m sorry I didn’t mean to

And today I realized

Its hard for me to see you

with somebody and your happy

because now I realized that

I started loving you

~Luna Shea

©owner of the photo

How Can I?

How can I forget you?

When you’re always on my mind

How can I say “I miss you”?

If you haven’t felt the way I do

How can I make my day?

After everything has turned to gray

How can I say ” stay”?

If you’ve already turned your back and walked away

How can I sleep tonight?

When you’re always the one I dream at night

How can I say that I’m alright?

When nothing seems to go out right

How can I move on?

If I’m still holding on to what is done

But tell me, how can I say “I love you”?

If your love for me is gone


©owner of the photo

Dark Side of My Song

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I may not sing a perfect music for you

And many songs that I have played,

But I arranged it in a day or two

Gladness in feeling that was swayed

Seeing you with someone’s voice

is hard for me, I cant be tough

I make myself a big choice

Someday I’ll sing with you soon enough

You were happy together in your song

I just keep singing all alone

Keeping myself to be strong

My piece wouldn’t be complete without your tone

You are the harmony and the rhyme

Hopes and dreams where you belong

You made my melody with time

Losing you is the dark side of my song


©owner of the photo


Gleam of Hope

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Overwhelming emotion pours into my eyes

Painful feeling sours up high into the sky

Every broken tears that I’ve shed,

the emptiness that I’ve dread,

It feels like I’m bleeding to death

taking away my very last breath

My shattered heart is trembling

My damage self keeps on longing

for raindrops that sparkling with so much beauty

that will soon wash all my sadness away