Other Side of the Story


             As I was scanning through my old files, I found this beautiful artwork of Sir Pierre Auguste Renoire entitled, “Country Dance.” It shows a man and a lady dancing together. The artwork clearly explains the intimate moment between two wealthy couple. It also shows the love and wonderful evening the couple has. But observe the artwork closely; you can see a peeping lady gazing at the couple. It’s a lonely lady who wishes that she was the one dancing around the gentleman, a lonely lady who longs to be in the position of the beautiful woman. But she knows too well that it’ll never happen. It will always be a pathetic dream only.

            Sir Renoire’s Country Dance will always be my favourite artwork because it portrays the affection between the couple and the point of view of the peeping lady. The artwork held so much emotions and messages.

            Why am I talking about this? Why am I giving so much attention to the peeping lady? Because I believe that everyone deserves a happily ever after.

            Did you ever realize that Anastasia and Grazella deserve also a Prince Charming?

            Do you realize that the shadow can be in a spotlight too?

            Do you realize that the antagonist can be a protagonist too?

            Do you realize that the beast can be a prince too?

            Do you realize that the ugly is a pretty person too?

            Do you realize that one who hid in the background can be the main character too?

            Do you realize that a whore, slut, and prostitute deserve a full respect too?

            Do you realize that the side-kick can be the hero too?

            Do you realize that a peasant can be a royal too?

            Do you realize the emotion and longing beneath the face full of mask?

            Do you ever realize the point of view of the other side of the story?

            It always bothered me that the pretty, flawless princesses in fairy tale always get happy endings. But, let’s face it, not everybody is perfect or pretty in real lives. It sometimes send wrong message to kids who are aware of their flaws. So, what about those so called bad guys or side characters? It isn’t their fault that they don’t look like those royalties. Are they really the bad guys or the unfortunate ones? What’s their story? No one really paid attention to them after the story ends. No one bother to write their very own story- what exactly made them bad in details. It’s also the same in real person, I want you all to realize that they are also human who have emotions that longs for some affections. They are also a human being who wants other people to know and understand their point of view. I want other people to open up their minds that you can still find love even with all your flaws. After all, everyone deserves chances in happily ever after. No one is exemption on that wonderful experience.

            If only people can see the pain beneath those eyes. If only people realized that there is so much to them than a shell where people can see. I didn’t say that those pretty, perfect princesses should not get happy endings. What I’m trying to portray is a happy ending for everyone especially the people of the other side of the story.

            I know that when I get my deserve love from someone, he’s going to get me a happily ever after. It sure wasn’t the kind I wished for but I will never exchange it for anything else in the world, maybe because it’s better. It will not be perfect but it is what you called imperfectly perfect. I will surely not going to let anything else steal this. It is my own story; my own messed up fairy-tale after all. And that is more than enough for me.


(inspired by K-drama She Was Pretty)




Call my name when you’re alone.


Cook my favorite meal.


Buy me medicine when I’m ill.


Teach me how to laugh out loud.


Define what love is about.


Kiss me in the forehead.


Hum me with lullabies in my bed.


Waste your time on me.


Surprise me in my birthday.


Be absent in your class and be my company.


Stare at me when I’m not aware.


Pretend that you don’t care.


Tell me lies.


Say goodbye.


Say I love you.


Believe that I feel the same way too.

I’m Here


Sitting on a chair in a bright blue endless sky

Staring at you lovingly, a feeling I can’t deny

Yet feelings will never be reciprocated

Coz’ your heart is already taken

 by someone who’s not worth it.

Inside of me, I love you

But I can’t dare to tell you

Not just even show you

But the truth is, I want to be with you.

You are sometimes stupid, sometimes crazy

But the sure thing is, you make me happy

If only you can feel the hidden affections inside of me

If only you can hear my song and words that speaks truthfully.

But having you will always be impossible

A fantasy that can’t possibly be a reality

Writing a poem for you might be plausible

But it will never be a reason for you to notice me


©owner of the photo




It’s very unexpected that I’ll fall in love with you

It’s very unexpected that my heart beats for you

There are many reasons not to be in love with you but…

Unfortunately,  there are many reasons to stay in love with you.

At first, you were just an unknown creature in my life

You were just an ordinary person and nothing more

but unexpectedly, the stupid cutie little cupid get his

bow and arrow and stroke it on my stupid heart then

my stupid heart starts beating for


Unexpectedly, it’s you and me and because it’s unexpected..

we can never tell that unexpectedly it will

reach the breaking up of you and me

but hoping for you and me will be forever



©owner of the photo

Mathematical Love Dream

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At first we’re like two parallel lines,

That was destined not to meet each other

As day passes by and we don’t know,

That we’ll become a circle diameter.

When that day came and the theorem was changed,

A transversal came to meet us

And I suddenly felt in the interior of my heart,

That it was you and not Pythagoras.

The point came that we both knew,

That we were an angle of love

And we were fearful that somehow, somewhere,

A bisector will come to divide us.

“Boom” I was shocked, and really took a deep breath,

And I saw through my eyes that it was just a segment.

I pinched my arms and took a scream,

Then I realized that it was just a Mathematical Love Dream


©owner of the photo

How Can I?

How can I forget you?

When you’re always on my mind

How can I say “I miss you”?

If you haven’t felt the way I do

How can I make my day?

After everything has turned to gray

How can I say ” stay”?

If you’ve already turned your back and walked away

How can I sleep tonight?

When you’re always the one I dream at night

How can I say that I’m alright?

When nothing seems to go out right

How can I move on?

If I’m still holding on to what is done

But tell me, how can I say “I love you”?

If your love for me is gone


©owner of the photo


Imagine a bird without a wing,

It’s feather were taken by the wind.

Imagine how cold the night could bring,

December wind’s thy was spinned.

I am as flightless as a bird could be,

Whenever you are not beside me.

Your eyes were too magnetic to me

Your skin I touched; I cannot resist.

Your smile shines so perfectly,

Thank God someone like you do exist.

Why do I fall and die hopelessly anyway? 

I wandered why it happens when you’re thousand miles away

Can’t count the stars, just watch it glow,

Constantly flightless- can’t stand by my toe.

I’m weak, yes, it’s true

I am so flightless without you,

I wish you and I were Bella and Edward,

Forever for them is not so hard,

I love thee with all my heart.


©owner of the photo

Unrequited Love

Strong romantic affection

Afraid of Beloved’s rejection

A love that is never returned

wants to leave no stone unturned

A shadow under the sun

Unable to be seen by someone

Longing heart not to speak of

One-sided emotion roughly shoved

Ah, the tragedy of Unrequited Love


© owner of the photo

Of All The Greatest



Of all the greatest things

That ever happened to me

Was that blessed day when we met

Of all the beautiful eyes

I had seen

Was that genuine look you had in night

Of all the handsome faces

I got attracted to

Was that gorgeous smile you gave to me

Of all the guys around

I had admired to

Was that feeling that I’m sure it’s you

Of all the hardest things

I had encountered

 Was that time when you knew I like you

Of all the little secrets

I had kept

Was that strange affection I felt for you

Of all the biggest dreams

I’ve been wishing for

Was the chance of being loved by you

And of all the precious times

I’ve been longing for

Was that moment when I felt

You love me too


©owner of the photo

If Only

I wrote this poem when I was 14. I remembered being “heartbroken” when I discovered my “crush” had a “girlfriend”.  Dont judge! We all had that moment in our life. 😄

So here it is….

If only you will see

The cheers and laughters you brought to me

If you’ll just look at me deeper

You’ll realize the truth and look at me closer

Nothing I can do

I never can regret

That your feelings for me

Is not what I expected

If only she was not in the picture

I’d rather own you and capture

Captivate you with my sweet smile

Until you’ll admire me after a while

But I know these are only my elusive dreams

which I fantasize over and over

Knowing you is nice, I remember

But having you is impossible, I can render

Showing and telling you

the thousands of If’s is fine

Yet all I want to say

If Only You Were Mine