The Whisper anime

The wind is whispering on my ear

A reality that I don’t want to hear

With this heart that can’t bear

Every pain and despair

How can stars shine at night?

When there’s a feeling I can’t fight

How can birds reach the sky?

When even I can’t try?

We sometimes froze in a cold air

We dreamt on something that we fear

Where our eyes left an evident tear

To a soul that’s hard to repair

How I wish to finally come out in a maze

This life seems a labyrinthine race

How I wish to finally feel the ease

And to endure a life of peace

The wind is whispering on my ear

A reality that takes away my burden

Where the only thing left was stain

Out of the shadow of death and pain


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The Truth

A crowd of lively people

Sitting at the corner is a girl so simple

With face void of emotions

Expression that full of caution.

Yet inside of her is screaming with joy

The crowd misunderstood her actions as annoyed

But the truth is her heart are bursting to tears

Tears of joy because of friendship that is so sincere


I’m Here


Sitting on a chair in a bright blue endless sky

Staring at you lovingly, a feeling I can’t deny

Yet feelings will never be reciprocated

Coz’ your heart is already taken

 by someone who’s not worth it.

Inside of me, I love you

But I can’t dare to tell you

Not just even show you

But the truth is, I want to be with you.

You are sometimes stupid, sometimes crazy

But the sure thing is, you make me happy

If only you can feel the hidden affections inside of me

If only you can hear my song and words that speaks truthfully.

But having you will always be impossible

A fantasy that can’t possibly be a reality

Writing a poem for you might be plausible

But it will never be a reason for you to notice me


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Remembering You


Wow! It’s been so long already. I’ve been AWOL for a month and half now due to my University projects. I really miss writing so here it is….

Sitting all alone

Under the warmth of the sunlight

Whispers in the breeze

You make everything right

Reminiscing the days

That flew so fast

Wishing you were here to stay

The boy of my forgotten past


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Don’t be discontented in many things

For it would lead to oneself’s misery

Don’t talk and use word that stings

It makes people to be bleak with dreary

Make adjustments and learn from challenges

Never fall apart and become a victim of circumstances

Always accept the truth that life presents to you

Unfortunate events are springboards for the better you

Strive hard to attain the highest level of happiness

Do it on your own terms and never at other’s expenses

 Because what the body achieves

is always what the mind believes

Wake up with a smile and full of determination

At the end of the day, you’ll be filled with satisfaction

Believe the possibility of the impossibility

Tell others, “I can. I will. End of the Story!”

Look for something positive each day

Don’t let the irrational part of soul to lead you astray

Learn to take some criticism

It helps you grow up and be on rythm

Be a good example to everyone

Don’t dream of lost opportunities and fall into oblivion

Create a grandest vision possible of life

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and hold such strife


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This is a project of my FFP class in the University I attended. Enjoy! 😊

Mathematical Love Dream

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At first we’re like two parallel lines,

That was destined not to meet each other

As day passes by and we don’t know,

That we’ll become a circle diameter.

When that day came and the theorem was changed,

A transversal came to meet us

And I suddenly felt in the interior of my heart,

That it was you and not Pythagoras.

The point came that we both knew,

That we were an angle of love

And we were fearful that somehow, somewhere,

A bisector will come to divide us.

“Boom” I was shocked, and really took a deep breath,

And I saw through my eyes that it was just a segment.

I pinched my arms and took a scream,

Then I realized that it was just a Mathematical Love Dream


©owner of the photo




Hail to the broken, hurt and torn!

Hail to the hypocrite, fake and scorned!

Wrath and pain let them wed,

The guilty and the culprit bury them dead!

The rope and the trigger, these are friends.

Angry tears streaming down the cheeks

Wipe them, there’s no room for the weak.

Scream your lungs out!

Exhale the loneliness, go and shout

Life is never a misery

But a celebration of everyone’s insanity

Toast to the savior of depression!

Toast to the queen of deception!

Be tearful not for sadness ends here.

Smile for the sun shines somewhere.

You are the hero of your own melancholy

You saved yourself from drowning lachrymosely.

Hail to the broken, hurt and torn!

Hail to the hypocrite, fake and scorned!


©owner of the photo


Imagine a bird without a wing,

It’s feather were taken by the wind.

Imagine how cold the night could bring,

December wind’s thy was spinned.

I am as flightless as a bird could be,

Whenever you are not beside me.

Your eyes were too magnetic to me

Your skin I touched; I cannot resist.

Your smile shines so perfectly,

Thank God someone like you do exist.

Why do I fall and die hopelessly anyway? 

I wandered why it happens when you’re thousand miles away

Can’t count the stars, just watch it glow,

Constantly flightless- can’t stand by my toe.

I’m weak, yes, it’s true

I am so flightless without you,

I wish you and I were Bella and Edward,

Forever for them is not so hard,

I love thee with all my heart.


©owner of the photo

Unrequited Love

Strong romantic affection

Afraid of Beloved’s rejection

A love that is never returned

wants to leave no stone unturned

A shadow under the sun

Unable to be seen by someone

Longing heart not to speak of

One-sided emotion roughly shoved

Ah, the tragedy of Unrequited Love


© owner of the photo